A ‘Gift’ to all your gifts

A ‘Gift’ to all your gifts

Hi, I’m back from  ‘net ‘lessness  😛 . Yes, worked on many projects these 2 weeks and lack of net kept me away from posting them.

Here is one for the day. A  4-tier gift box to gift all your presents.


This is how the box looks from the top. Made the box & lid out of card stock .Then added P.P and embellished with hand made flower ,butterfly  , fuzzy cut scallop etc.

A side view of the box.


A closer view of the flower . Had fun making this, will soon make a separate tutorial on how to make the flower .


And now the inside view.


Here comes another look of the same .


And that’s all for now. Hope you like it too :).

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One thought on A ‘Gift’ to all your gifts

  1. angela jose says:

    Hello lally,

    Your idea of 4 surprises in a go is very nice. If you would oblige, i would invite you to share any of your card/gift making tutorials on my website.

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