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Home Decor

Hi Friends,

I’m back with some  interesting projects for the day. Of-late, I’ve made a few home decor projects for my  little den. Thought of sharing those with you too, so here I am.

The first thought of home decor made me think of the very common item flower vase. As I peeped into my craft inventory I’ve discovered a set of popsicle sticks crying to craft them 😛 . It was long that I collected quite a lot of them thinking of some project and left them aside . The time has come and their prayers have been heard. So here is my vase with popsicle sticks . Simple, yet elegant 🙂


Just glued those  sticks together at some angles and made this little vase. And then as the vase was ready I had to make some flowers for this. I had a few crepe papers in bright and variety of colors . Made a few flowers in bright colors and added them to the vase. Here is the completed look of my vase .


I felt just adding a bunch of flowers changed the entire look of my drawing room , so I hunted out another location too in my house for another vase. But this time I didn’t have enough popsicle sticks to make a vase . Again I took a look into my inventory and found few newspaper sticks lying there and I knew what to do. So immediately I started off and here is my second vase.


Attached paper sticks to a cardboard base and started weaving them. Finally after I achieved the desired height(Actually after all my sticks got exhausted ) I glued the edges and painted it in antique brown. Here is a closer look at this


Now it’s time for some flowers again. I tried using the same flowers that I used for my previous one but they didn’t satisfy me. Here’s a look with them .


So I started thinking of some other flower and the first one that came to me was the beautiful li’il flower that bloomed the same day in my li’il pot


and here’s what I made inspired by this cutie .


Another  look of the entire vase + flower


So that’s it for now.Hope you all liked them too. Any  suggestions/feedback to improve are always welcome .

Happy weekend 🙂 .

P.S : Sorry for such a lengthy post 🙂 .




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