Hi friends ,

Lallyz is back with another post for this week.Summer is on and everything seems bright and colorful.

My love for flowers and vases is continuing  all the way from the time I posted last . I have received many orders after my last post and so was busy trying new ones to satisfy all my clients 🙂 .Now I have lots of flowers to be posted .

Here I go with my  favourite one.



And it’s The Rose!!!  Nothing can be more welcoming than a bunch of these on your table or in your drawing room. and the elegance is doubled when hand made.

Recycled an old plastic bottle into my vase by adding some pattern papers. Made lots of  roses in all colors and bunched them to suit the vase .

Loved the way it turned out finally.



Here’s One more bunch of bloomed roses in bright colors.




These made my sunny days  more bright and fun filled.

Will be back with the remaining ones soon.

Happy weekend :). Happy summer 🙂 .

Do let me know if you love them aswell 🙂 .


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9 thoughts on Bloomed

  1. Sowrabh says:

    Flowers look beautiful. Keep the posts coming.

    1. lally says:

      Thanks a lot. Will surely try to post regularly 🙂 .

  2. Murthy NVSN says:

    Awesome. Looks so beautiful.

    1. lally says:

      Thank you 🙂

  3. VEDAMURTY NVS says:

    Wow! Pleasant and near natural. Continue your post

    1. lally says:

      Thank you 🙂 . Will continue with the post soon .

  4. hii…this is laasya ..My dad is ur husband’s colleague (kvr murthy) …i got 2 know abt ur blog from my dad…very nice art..they are very adorable..

    1. lally says:

      Thank you laasya 🙂

  5. Ritsika M says:

    it is very beautiful

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