Hey guys hope you’re doing great. I’m all fine except for the lazy bug that hit me again. Spent a busy month traveling and creating so was away from the space . Will post all the thingsade during this span in this and next few posts.

A dear friend of mine ruined her mobile case and wanted to do something to mend it. I came to the rescue and added in a little creative touch to give it a new life.

Decoupaged a beautiful layout with butterflies on to the case , distressed it and ensured it’s all stuck well . Finished it off with a good sealant coat .. ta-da it’s all done 🀩.

A simple one but the re-born case now looks super elegant.

Do let me know if you like it tooπŸ˜€.

Have a great week ahead πŸ˜€.

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One thought on Re-birth

  1. Woow super idea.selction of title is shows ur talent.

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