Recycled !!

Recycled !!

Hey guys I’m back after month long illness marathon. Went through a few fevers 🤒, dental surgery ,a 2-wheeler mishap🤕 and tons of weakness. Finally took some good time to be back with something new here.

I’ve been hoarding a few lovely glass bottles for a long time now with plans to recycle. Last week I realised there are too many of them and it’s time to stop planning and start implementing 😜.

So here goes my first one.

Painted this bottle in some pastel pink, added a few layers of textures and finished it with lovely florals and twine.Absolutely love the way this turned out with minimal effort 😍.

I’m glad to be able to craft again .
Bye bye for now, will be back soon 😀.

Have a great week ahead!!

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