Joy of completion 🤩

Joy of completion 🤩

Hi guys, hope you’re doing well. My week started with a cyclonic weather leading to cold and flu 🤧 .

A happy project helped me in lifting my mood up and brought me back here. It’s is a long standing one and finishing it ,is such a sigh of relief for me .

Started stitching this little piece of art some 2 yrs ago , it was never ending so had to keep it aside 😝. However couldn’t see the work getting ruined due to dust. So decided to finish it off this year and I did it .. here’s a look at the finished piece.

Sorry for the bad image. In the excitement of completion, forgot to click a picture before getting it framed.

Now this proudly stands on my drawing room wall inspiring me to finish all other half cooked works 😀.

Have a great week ahead. See you soon 😊

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